The TQ Talent Maturity Model in collaboration with LiveHire


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Moving from TA to TEaM, the case for change.

Talent Acquisition is being forced to re-imagine itself. Traditional models will need to diversify and broaden their services across Talent, Engagement & Mobility (TEaM) to ensure functional relevance and resilience.

Models that focus solely on ‘Acquisition’ run the risk of irrelevance in volatile business cycles such as downturns, whereas a more holistic TEaM strategy and service model will remain relevant in all business conditions. A TEaM approach can provide Mobility, Transition and Exit services in downturns and has the ability to dial up Mobility, Sourcing & Acquisition during upturns. (Noting mobility is relevant in both).

TEaM is therefore a ‘Total Talent’ play incorporating Permanent, Contingent, Gig and Casual. This enables the development of experiences for any move: Internal, External, Secondment, Project, Promotion etc.

Who is this diagnostic for and what will you get from it?

Designed for HR Executives and Talent (Acquisition) Leaders, to complete the Diagnostic you will need to have a very good understanding of your organisation’s strategy and overall approach to hiring, engaging and mobilising talent (internally and externally).

It’s designed to help organisations understand where they sit on the Maturity Model and provide critical insights to their journey towards a TEaM strategy. As the data set grows additional anonymised benchmarking data across industries and geographies will be made available.

The diagnostic comes with free summary outputs.

We strongly encourage you to download the briefing pack before embarking on the Diagnostic.

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